10 GitHub Repositories to Master Computer science

Developer Roadmap by kamranahmedse This repository provides a visual roadmap of the skills and technologies you need to learn to become a developer in various specializations. It's a great starting point to get an overview of the landscape and identify areas you want to focus on.

Computer Science Degree Program by ossu This path aims to replicate a four-year computer science degree program, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the essential topics in computer science.

freeCodeCamp by freeCodeCamp FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization that offers a free, open-source curriculum for learning web development. It includes thousands of hours of video tutorials, coding challenges, and projects to help you build practical skills.

System Design Primer by donnemartin System design is a crucial skill for software engineers, and this repository provides a comprehensive introduction to the topic. It covers topics like designing scalable systems, handling high traffic, and choosing the right architecture.

Free Programming Books by EbookFoundation This repository is a curated list of free programming books that you can use to learn new programming languages, frameworks, and concepts.

Awesome Computer Science Opportunities by awesome-computer-science This repository is a collection of awesome opportunities for computer science students, including internships, scholarships, and coding competitions.

Coding Interview University by jwasham Coding interviews can be tough, but this repository provides a comprehensive guide to help you prepare. It includes coding problems, interview tips, and resources to help you brush up on your data structures and algorithms.