10 Most Promising Bulgarian Startups in 2024

1. Dronamics: This drone cargo airline is revolutionizing logistics with its autonomous drones capable of carrying up to 350 kg over 2,400 km. Their drones offer faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly delivery options compared to traditional air cargo, making them a game-changer for e-commerce and other industries. 

2. Biodit: This biotech startup is developing next-generation antibiotics to combat the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Their unique approach uses bacteriophages, viruses that target and kill specific bacteria, offering a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics. 

3. Metrilo: This e-commerce analytics platform helps online businesses understand their customers better and optimize their marketing efforts. Metrilo provides insights into customer behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve their bottom line. 

4. HutGrip: This construction tech startup is developing a robotic arm that automates the dangerous and labor-intensive task of bricklaying. HutGrip's robot can lay bricks 10 times faster than a human worker, improving efficiency and safety on construction sites.

5. AdEx: This blockchain-based advertising platform aims to revolutionize the way online advertising works. AdEx uses smart contracts to ensure transparency and fairness for both advertisers and publishers, eliminating fraud and waste from the system. 

6. Healee: This telehealth platform provides convenient and accessible virtual healthcare consultations. Healee connects patients with doctors through video calls, allowing them to receive medical advice and treatment from the comfort of their own homes. 

7. Phos: This software company is developing a phone-agnostic point-of-sale system that works on any smartphone or tablet. Phos eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments, making it an affordable and flexible solution for small businesses. 

8. Airate: This nanotechnology startup is developing air filters that can capture and remove harmful pollutants from the air. Airate's filters are made from nanofibers, which are much more effective than traditional filters at capturing even the smallest particles. 

9. FindMeCure: This platform helps patients find clinical trials and other research studies for their specific condition. FindMeCure makes it easier for patients to participate in research and potentially access new treatment options. 

10. Fadata: This data analytics company helps businesses extract insights from their data to improve their operations and decision-making. Fadata offers a variety of data analytics tools and services, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes.