12 most profitable Foreign Languages to learn

Mandarin Chinese: With China's growing economy and its significance in global trade, Mandarin Chinese is highly valuable, especially for business and international relations.

Spanish: Spanish is widely spoken across many countries in Latin America, making it valuable for business, travel, and cultural exchange.

German: Germany has a strong economy and is a leader in engineering, manufacturing, and technology, making German a valuable language for careers in these fields.

French: French is spoken in many parts of the world and is important in diplomacy, international organizations, and the luxury goods market.

Japanese: Japan is a major economic power, particularly in technology and manufacturing, making Japanese a valuable language for business and trade.

Arabic: Arabic is spoken across the Middle East and North Africa and is valuable for careers in international relations, oil and gas industries, and diplomacy.

Russian: Russian is important for business, particularly in industries such as energy, aerospace, and technology, as well as for diplomatic relations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Portuguese: Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, which has a rapidly growing economy and is becoming increasingly important in international business and trade.

Korean: South Korea has a strong economy and is a leader in technology and electronics, making Korean valuable for business and trade in Asia.

Italian: Italy is known for its fashion, design, and luxury goods industries, making Italian valuable for careers in these fields.

Hindi: With India's growing economy and its role in industries such as IT, healthcare, and outsourcing, Hindi can be valuable for business and trade.

Swedish: Sweden is known for innovation and technology, with companies like Volvo, IKEA, and Spotify originating there, making Swedish valuable in certain industries.