15 Hidden Features of Microsoft 365 Copilot

Free Access to GPT-4: Copilot is powered by the most advanced natural language processing system in the world, GPT-4. This means you have access to the latest AI capabilities to help you with your tasks.

Smart Design Suggestions: Copilot can help you create more compelling presentations by suggesting smart design changes. For example, it can recommend better layouts, fonts, and colors.

Advanced Content Generation Tools: Copilot can also help you generate content for your presentations, such as slides, bullet points, and speaker notes.

Analyze Data with Powerful Formulas: Copilot can help you analyze data in Excel by suggesting powerful formulas based on your prompts, charts, and insights.

Write Better with Copilot's Suggestions: Copilot can help you write better by suggesting grammar corrections, rephrasing suggestions, and even writing entire paragraphs for you.

Microsoft Copilot Studio: Copilot Studio is a new app that allows you to use Copilot's AI capabilities to create stunning visuals, such as charts, graphs, and infographics.

AI Navigation Assistant: The AI Navigation Assistant can help you find your way around Microsoft 365 apps by providing context-aware suggestions.

AI Reading Assistant: The AI Reading Assistant can help you read faster and more effectively by summarizing text, highlighting key points, and even reading it aloud for you.

Free AI Image Creation: Copilot can help you create professional-looking images for your presentations or documents with its free AI image creation feature.

Summarization Tools: Copilot can help you summarize long documents or pieces of text, saving you time and effort.

Translation Tools: Copilot can translate text from one language to another, making it easier to communicate with people from all over the world.

Code Generation Tools: Copilot can help you generate code in a variety of programming languages, making it faster and easier to develop software.

Data Cleaning Tools: Copilot can help you clean up messy data, making it easier to analyze and use.

Email Writing Assistance: Copilot can help you write more effective emails by suggesting better wording, grammar, and tone.

Meeting Scheduling Assistance: Copilot can help you schedule meetings by suggesting meeting times that work for everyone, and even sending out invitations.