Free Courses for IT Students Available in Udemy

Python Programming for Beginners: Master the basics of Python, a versatile language for web development, data science, and more.

Java Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Java, a crucial language for many applications and software development.

C++ Tutorial for Beginners: Dive into C++, a powerful language for system programming and game development.

Web Design for Web Developers: Build beautiful websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The Complete JavaScript Bootcamp 2023: Master JavaScript, the essential language for interactive web experiences.

Introduction to Data Science with Python: Explore the fundamentals of data science using Python libraries like NumPy and pandas.

Excel Crash Course for Beginners: Learn essential Excel skills for data analysis and visualization.

Ethical Hacking - White Hat Hacker Fundamentals: Understand the basics of ethical hacking and cybersecurity concepts.

The Complete Cybersecurity Course 2023: Get a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity threats and defense strategies.

Git and GitHub - Complete Masterclass 2023: Learn Git & GitHub, valuable tools for version control and collaboration in software development.