The 13 Best Free AI Tools for Education for Students and Teachers 

GrammarlyGO: This AI-powered writing assistant checks your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, providing valuable feedback and suggestions to improve your writing clarity and effectiveness. 

Quizlet: This popular platform utilizes AI-powered adaptive learning to personalize study sessions and quizzes based on your individual learning pace and progress. 

Canva Classroom Magic: This suite of AI tools within Canva empowers educators to create engaging and interactive presentations, infographics, and other visual content using the AI-powered Magic Design and Magic Write features. 

Edmodo: This comprehensive online learning platform leverages AI for features like automated grading of multiple-choice questions and content recommendations to personalize learning paths for students. 

QuillBot: This AI-powered paraphrasing tool helps students rephrase sentences and avoid plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning of the text. 

Gradescope: This AI-powered grading tool streamlines the process of grading essays and written assignments, providing automated feedback and rubrics to ensure consistency and efficiency. This AI-powered transcription tool helps students capture and easily access audio lectures, meetings, or discussions by converting speech to text in real-time. 

Knowji: This AI-powered knowledge management platform allows students to create personalized knowledge bases by collecting and organizing information from various sources. 

OpenAI: This research and development company provides open-source access to various AI models and tools, allowing students and educators to explore and experiment with AI technology for educational purposes. This AI-powered note-taking tool integrates audio recording with real-time text transcription, allowing students to capture lectures and discussions while focusing on active listening and comprehension. 

Brainly: This online learning community platform leverages AI-powered search and matching algorithms to connect students with experts and peers who can answer their questions and provide learning support. 

Smart Sparrow: This adaptive learning platform utilizes AI to personalize learning paths for students in STEM subjects, providing interactive exercises and feedback to enhance understanding and mastery. 

Wolfram Alpha: This computational knowledge engine is a powerful AI tool that can answer complex factual queries, solve mathematical problems, and generate various visualizations, making it a valuable resource for students in a variety of disciplines.