The Top 10 Data Science leaders you should follow in 2023.

Andrew Ng: Co-founder of Coursera, deep learning pioneer, and renowned educator.

Fei-Fei Li: Director of Stanford AI Lab, known for her research in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Yann LeCun: Director of NYU's Courant Institute, known for his foundational work in deep learning.

Yoshua Bengio: Turing Award winner and AI researcher, focusing on probabilistic models and deep learning.

Demis Hassabis: Co-founder of DeepMind, known for their work in general artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning.

Jeremy Howard: Founder of, advocate for democratizing AI and practical deep learning applications.

Andrej Karpathy: Tesla AI Director, known for his work on self-driving cars and natural language processing.

Amina Anandkumar: Professor at Caltech, known for her research in machine learning optimization and algorithms.

Clément Delangue: VP of AI & ML at Netflix, leading their data science and personalization efforts.

Jay Alammar: Popular YouTube explainer of machine learning concepts and applications.

Ben Taylor: AI explorer, specializing in genetic programming and automated network design.

Eric Weber: Head of experimentation at Yelp, promoting the data science mindset and practical applications.

Kevin Tran: Senior Data Scientist at Stanford, contributor to Scikit-learn, pandas, and Matplotlib.

Geoffrey Hilton: "Godfather of Deep Learning," known for his work in neural networks.