Top 10 Best Apps to learn data science as a Beginner in 2022

QPython: This Python app is exclusive to Android users and provides a great way to learn Python, which is the essential coding language for data science. It has an interpreter, a runtime environment, a script editor, and libraries like QPYI and SL4A, making it a comprehensive learning platform.

DataCamp: This app offers interactive coding lessons that help you grasp the fundamentals of coding, data cleaning, data analysis, and visualization. It also has a wide range of courses on various data science topics, making it a one-stop shop for beginners.

Enki: This app focuses on a variety of data science subjects, including Python, SQL, and machine learning. It uses flashcards, quizzes, and other interactive elements to make learning fun and engaging.

SoloLearn: This app gamifies the process of learning Python, making it more fun and engaging for beginners. It has bite-sized lessons, coding challenges, and a supportive community to help you stay motivated.

Brilliant: This app helps you master the math and science concepts that are essential for data science. It uses beautiful visuals and interactive exercises to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Coursera: This app is a popular online learning platform that offers a variety of data science courses from top universities and companies. While it's not exclusively a mobile app, it has a well-designed app that lets you access your courses and learning materials on the go.

Basic Statistics: This app covers the basics of statistics, which is essential for understanding data. It has interactive lessons, quizzes, and flashcards to help you learn the concepts.

Learn Data Science, Big Data, & Data Analytics: This app provides a comprehensive overview of data science, including topics such as data cleaning, data analysis, machine learning, and big data. It has video lectures, quizzes, and coding exercises to help you learn the material.

Probability Distributions: This app helps you understand probability distributions, which are essential for many data science tasks. It has interactive visualizations, quizzes, and real-world examples to help you learn the concepts.

DataCamp Workspace: This app is a companion app to the DataCamp website and allows you to work on your coding exercises and projects on your mobile device. It also has a built-in Python interpreter and compiler, so you can run your code right on your phone or tablet.