Top 10 NFT Projects to watch out for in 2024

1. Fight Out: This project combines Move-to-Earn (M2E) with the metaverse, allowing users to train their avatars and compete in MMA-inspired battles. Earning REPS tokens through workouts and winning matches unlocks in-game items and boosts your avatar's stats. 

2. ArtBlocks Curated: This platform features a curated selection of high-quality generative art NFTs from renowned artists. Owning an ArtBlocks NFT grants access to exclusive communities and events, making it a great option for art enthusiasts and collectors. 

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC): Despite facing some controversy, BAYC remains a dominant force in the NFT space. Its community, The Ape DAO, actively invests in Web3 projects and grants exclusive access to events and merchandise. 

4. Axie Infinity: This popular play-to-earn game allows players to breed, battle, and trade Axie creatures. The Axie Infinity universe is constantly expanding, with new features and partnerships on the horizon. 

5. CryptoPunks: These pixelated avatars, considered the first-ever NFTs, hold historical significance and continue to be coveted by collectors. Their simplicity and limited supply (10,000) contribute to their enduring value. 

6. Decentraland: This virtual world powered by NFTs allows users to own land, build experiences, and interact with others. Decentraland's metaverse is constantly evolving, attracting new users and businesses. 

7. World of Women (WoW): This inclusive NFT project features diverse female avatars and champions female empowerment. WoW has partnered with numerous brands and celebrities, expanding its reach and impact. 

8. Cool Cats: These colorful feline NFTs offer a variety of traits and rarities, appealing to a broad collector base. The Cool Cats team is actively developing its ecosystem, including a metaverse and utility token. 

9. Invisible Friends: This generative art project by Markus Magnusson features friendly, ghost-like characters with unique traits. Owning an Invisible Friend grants access to a vibrant community and exclusive events. 

10. Nouns DAO: This experimental project features a single NFT (Nounders) that generates a daily token, used to fund various creative endeavors chosen by the community. Nouns DAO pushes the boundaries of NFT utility and governance.